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The Transformed Wife Prefers Debt-Free Virgins, But the Rest of Us Like You the Way You Are

Content warning: discussion on sex and Christianity, mention of rape Two days ago, a Christian blogger, Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife, posted a piece claiming that “Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos.” While many people have come out thinking this must be satire and assuming people don’t really think this way, I can attest …

What is Adoptive Breastfeeding and Why So Many Adoptees are Against It

Visit any mixed adoption group (mixed meaning it includes adoptive parents, first parents, and adoptees), and one topic guarantees a war zone of a thread: adoptive breastfeeding. WHAT IS ADOPTIVE BREASTFEEDING? There is a trend among adoptive moms–especially in mommy groups–to apply the “breast is best” principle to adopted kids…even if the woman has never …

Regarding Aziz: Examining the Intersection between Race and Rape

Something about the allegations against Aziz Ansari struck a chord in me. It took over a week for me to fully process the story, and I couldn’t quite verbalize it. I noticed clues toward the privileges that “Grace” had throughout the story. Such clues include being at the Emmy’s and being able to approach a …


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